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Cleaner Guru: Does It Really Work?

Cleaner Guru: Does It Really Work?

Maintaining a clutter-free digital space is as important as keeping our physical living spaces tidy. With the increasing number of files, apps, and data we manage daily, optimizing these resources can be daunting. Recently, I delved into a highly-recommended app that promises to simplify this process: Cleaner Guru. In this guide, I will share my personal experiences and insights on the effectiveness of Cleaner Guru and the various methods it offers. Let’s discover if Cleaner Guru really works.


Common Scenarios:

When Your Phone Slows Down 📱

  • Modern smartphones can handle a lot, but they slow down over time. Cleaner Guru promises to optimize performance by clearing unnecessary files.
  • One common issue is app caches building up. They are supposed to speed up processes but often clog up your storage.

Running Low on Storage 🗄

  • Another typical problem is running out of storage. With thousands of photos, videos, and other files, phones fill up quickly. Cleaner Guru’s smart cleaning helps you manage and delete old or duplicate files effectively.
  • Apps left unmonitored can take up substantial space over time. Regular cleanups are essential.

Organizing Files 📂

  • Finding specific files can be a nightmare with an unorganized system. Cleaner Guru provides features to categorize and sort your files, making them easier to find.
  • It’s easy to lose track of downloaded files. This app gives you tools to keep your files neat and accessible.

Step-by-Step Guide. Does Cleaner Guru Work:

Method 1: Cache Cleaning 🧹

  • Open Cleaner Guru and select the ‘Cache Cleaning’ feature.
  • Allow the app to scan your phone for cached data. This process might take a few minutes depending on how much data you have.
  • Review the detected files. Cleaner Guru categorizes cache data so you know exactly what is being removed.
  • Once you’re sure about the removal, click on ‘Clear All’. Within seconds, your phone’s performance should see a significant boost.
  • If needed, set a routine clean-up schedule to ensure your phone stays optimal regularly.

Note: Ensure to check the files being removed. Some app-specific caches might contain user data preferences you’d want to keep.

Conclusion: Cache Cleaning is an effective way to free up space and enhance performance in just a few clicks.

Method 2: Duplicate File Removal 🗑

  • Launch Cleaner Guru and navigate to the ‘Duplicate File Removal’ section.
  • Run a scan to detect duplicate files across your storage.
  • Review the list of duplicates and ensure important files are not mistakenly tagged. A manual review can prevent accidental loss of essential documents.
  • Select the duplicates you wish to remove and confirm the deletion.
  • For maintenance, mark this feature as part of your monthly storage management routine.

Note: Back up essential files before running large-scale deletions to avoid losing critical data by mistake.

Conclusion: Removing duplicate files can free up gigabytes of storage, making room for new data and improving device functionality.

Method 3: Unused Apps Cleanup ⚙

  • Open the Cleaner Guru app and go to the ‘Unused Apps’ section.
  • Run a scan of your installed apps. Cleaner Guru will list apps you haven’t used for a while.
  • Review the list and decide which apps you no longer need. Be cautious not to remove apps you might use occasionally or hold essential data.
  • Select the unused apps and click on ‘Uninstall’. Confirm any system prompts to proceed.
  • Consider scheduling periodic checks, like once a quarter, to keep unnecessary apps in check.

Note: Record login details and settings of apps being uninstalled to ensure you can reinstall them smoothly if required later.

Conclusion: Regular removal of unused apps helps keep your device efficient and uncluttered.

Method 4: Large File Detection 🔎

  • Launch Cleaner Guru and navigate to ‘Large File Detection’.
  • Start a scan to locate all large files stored on your device.
  • Analyze the list of detected files. Large video files, downloads, and installation packets are usually top culprits.
  • Review and choose non-essential files to delete. As a precaution, back up crucial files first.
  • Regular clean-up of large files ensures your storage isn’t dominated by seldom-used data.

Note: Deleting large files can sometimes affect the functioning of apps relying on them. Always back up and know the file source before deletion.

Conclusion: Regular scans for large files can prevent storage issues and keep performance high.

Method 5: Photo Management 🖼

  • Open the Cleaner Guru app and head to ‘Photo Management’ section.
  • Conduct a scan to identify blurry, duplicate, or similar photos.
  • Manually review the flagged photos to ensure important memories aren’t erased.
  • Delete photos as necessary, focusing on poor-quality or redundant images.
  • To keep your gallery organized, habitually run this scan after events or outings.

Note: Preserve precious memories by backing up important images before running large-scale deletions.

Conclusion: Regular photo management helps declutter your gallery and free up significant space.

Method 6: Junk Mail Cleaning 🗑

  • Launch the Cleaner Guru app and go to the ‘Junk Mail Cleaning’ section.
  • Run a scan to detect junk mails in your inboxes.
  • Examine the list of identified spam and bulk emails. Ensure to mark important emails to avoid accidental deletion.
  • Confirm the deletion of selected junk mails. This may also help in reducing potential security threats.
  • Set a schedule for regular email clean-ups, perhaps weekly, to keep your inbox clean and light.

Note: Be careful to whitelist important senders to prevent genuine emails from being marked as spam.

Conclusion: Regular junk mail clean-ups can make managing your inbox more manageable and reduce storage usage.

Method 7: Battery Optimization 🔋

  • Open Cleaner Guru and locate the ‘Battery Optimization’ feature.
  • Run a scan to identify apps and processes consuming significant battery power.
  • Review Cleaner Guru’s recommendations for optimizing battery usage. Transition to battery-saving modes as suggested.
  • Manually verify and turn off background processes if they are not essential.
  • Schedule routine checks to ensure ongoing battery efficiency.

Note: Aggressive battery optimization settings might restrict app functionalities. Adjust settings as per your usage needs.

Conclusion: Periodic battery optimizations can extend battery life and ensure your device runs smoothly throughout the day.


Precautions and Tips:

Safety First 🛑

  • Before conducting any large-scale clean-ups, create back-ups of essential data. This ensures nothing critical is lost.
  • Read the app’s recommendations carefully. Automated clean-ups can sometimes target data you’d want to keep.

Routine Maintenance is Key ⏳

  • Regularly schedule scans and clean-ups to keep your device’s performance optimal.
  • Keeping your phone clean can prolong its life and ensure smoother operation.

Additional Recommendations

While Cleaner Guru is a powerful tool, combining it with other device optimization strategies can offer holistic benefits. Here are additional strategies you can adopt:

1. Manual Cleanups: Occasionally, a manual review of files and data can help you find items that even automated tools might miss. Regularly delete unnecessary downloads and screenshots.

2. Cloud Storage: Utilize Google Drive or Dropbox to store large files not needed on your device. This not only frees up space but also ensures data is accessible and backed up.

3. Minimize Notifications: Unnecessary notifications clutter your device and can lead to app bloat. Adjust notification settings to keep your focus and reduce distractions.

4. Factory Reset: As a last resort, a factory reset can clear all clutter and restore your device to its original condition. Ensure you have backed up all crucial data beforehand.

5. App Management: Regularly review app permissions and uninstall apps that demand excessive access to your data or are seldom used.

Implementing these strategies alongside tools like Cleaner Guru can ensure a comprehensive approach to device cleanliness and optimization.


In conclusion, maintaining a clean and efficient device requires regular attention. Cleaner Guru offers a suite of tools that can simplify this process, from clearing cache data to removing duplicate files and managing photos. Its features cater to various common device issues, making it a valuable asset for any smartphone or tablet user. By combining these methods with additional strategies like cloud storage, manual reviews, and proper app management, you can ensure your device remains in optimal condition. For an in-depth review, check out does cleaner guru work on LinkedIn. Cleaner Guru and these combined tactics will undoubtedly keep your digital space decluttered and fully functional.

Wondering if Cleaner Guru works? My experience and many Medium reviews suggest that it does. It’s a paid app, but it’s safe and helps in maintaining your phone’s performance by cleaning unnecessary files.


Cleaner Guru excels in removing stubborn stains on various surfaces. Its powerful formula breaks down tough grime, leaving surfaces spotless with minimal effort.

Yes, Cleaner Guru is versatile and can be safely applied to tiles, countertops, glass, and upholstery. Always follow the instructions for best results on different materials.

Cleaner Guru prioritizes eco-friendliness by incorporating biodegradable agents that are safe for the environment, making it a green choice for household cleaning needs.

Formulated with non-toxic ingredients, Cleaner Guru is safe for homes with pets. Ensure surfaces are completely dry before allowing pets in the cleaned areas.

Cleaner Guru effectively tackles kitchen grease. Its grease-fighting formula penetrates and dissolves stubborn oils, ensuring your kitchen surfaces remain spotless and hygienic.

Rich in powerful cleansing agents, Cleaner Guru efficiently eliminates mold and mildew from bathroom surfaces, helping to maintain a clean and fresh shower area.

Using a residue-free formula, Cleaner Guru ensures surfaces are left clean without sticky or filmy leftovers, providing a polished, pristine finish every time.

Cleaner Guru uses recyclable packaging materials to minimize environmental impact, aligning with sustainable practices while delivering an effective cleaning solution.

Cleaner Guru is not just for home use; it delivers industrial-grade cleaning power, making it ideal for larger-scale cleaning requirements in commercial environments.

Cleaner Guru is available at Cleaner Guru's official website and various online retail platforms, ensuring easy access for customers.